Batiliege highlighted in the french newspaper “Midi Libre”

Batiliege highlighted in the french newspaper “Midi Libre”

The “Midi Libre”, newspaper of the South-West of France is interested in Batiliege.

Following an interview with a journalist from Midi Libre, the President of Batiliege was honored in the edition of January 28, 2017. In addition to being on the front page of the newspaper, the Midi Libre reserved him page 3 of his journal with a very interesting and developed article.

Quietly installed in Lunel-Viel, Mohamed Zeroug becomes inexhaustible when it comes to praising the merits of his product: cork. But this is not about closing bottles of wine. The properties are such that this engineer sees in this material obvious potential in the construction.

However, nothing predestined the man to found himself, together with his associate Frédérick Fontaine, founded the company Batiliège in December 2014. “I come from the space industry and Frederick from the naval sector. In 2009, we decided to restart our studies and we found ourselves in the same master in renewable energies and energy efficiency of the school of Mines of Paris. From this first adventure together, in 2010, ATIANE ENERGY, a thermal office agency, was born and still in operation.

Amazing properties

But a new stage will soon begin when the two men will lean over this light and thick bark of the oak, cork. “It is a product of great resistance. For the anecdote, during the construction of the halls of Paris, they created isolated fridges with cork. When these fridges were destroyed, the cork plates were still intact”, says Mohamed Zeroug. “Even the thermal shield of the space shuttle is made of cork composites, because it has a very high thermal resistance and is hardly flammable … ”

“Qualities do not end there. The smell of cork makes it a very good repellent against rodents and mites and the panels play, also, antivibratory, water repellent, thermal and sound insulation roles. The cork is also rot-proof and, of course, recyclable and biodegradable. “It is also the only natural product that does not fear water,” continues the founder of Batiliege.

Article Batiliege Midi Libre

Un article sur Batiliege dans le Midi Libre

Suitable for many industries

“Unlike other insulating materials, there is nothing chemical in the manufacture of wood panels. ” The cork oak bark is ground and then set at 300 ° C for 20 minutes in an oven. The “suberine” contained in the cells will release under the action of heat and play the role of natural glue.

This simple operation is enough to give all its properties to the cork and make it perfectly adapted to many sectors of activity. “At the moment, we sell only cork in panels. But cork answers several problems and would be suitable for example in the naval sector. What we want, for 2017, is to have a thermal solutions for outdoor walls entirely bio-sourced”, explains the contractor.

Wooden houses, a promising sector

The market targeted by Batiliege is the wood frame construction houses. “If those constructions represent only 4.5% of construction in France, they represent 60% in Germany and 90% in Scandinavian countries. It is a market that does not know the crisis and should grow in France. With Batiliège.

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