Need to insulate your roof, walls or floors?

Our products

We offer healthy and high performances cork based materials for building insulation needs


100% natural and recyclable, our insulating panels are made exclusively of cork bark agglomerated with water vapor.


From the cellar to the attic and even in isolation from the outside, the expanded cork is an ideal ecological insulation.


Excelent sound and thermal insulation, cork has several other qualities that make it the Rolls Royce of the bio-sourced insulation.


Natural repellent against pests, Batilige panels are formaldehydes free for healthy indoor air.

Fire resistant

Cork is the only bio-insulator that is naturally non-flammable and non-combustible.


Rotproof and unalterable, cork has a very long lifespan beyond the century !


Batiliege dans le Midi Libre

Batiliege highlighted in the french newspaper “Midi Libre”

The "Midi Libre", newspaper of the South-West of France is interested in Batiliege.Following an interview with a journalist from Midi Libre,

L'équipe Batiliege

Batiliege’s challenge

The two executives of the company Batiliege, have the ecological fiber. After a solid eperience in the field of renewable energies and more part