Occitanie ‘coup de coeur’ prize 2015

Occitanie ‘coup de coeur’ prize 2015

Batiliege decided to give a new life to a very ecological product : cork.

The Batiliege project consists in the reintroduction of cork as a building material. Batiliege offers cork agglomerated panels and develops a process of qualification and design of a new cork-based process for the exterior insulation of wood frame houses.


Coup de cœur 2015 transferts LR

Jean-Daniel WOIRHAYE – Transferts LR – Technical Advisor

“Only a few weeks from the end of COP21, it is essential to highlight all the actors whose main concern is the ecological impact of our human activities on the planet. Initiatives such as those of Batiliège aiming at reintroducing in our homes materials that are both ecological, renewable and with insulating properties far superior to the “industrial” products currently used can therefore only be strongly supported. “

Jacques DIETRICH – Cherman of the Costi

« This project seduced us first of all by its originality linked to the use of cork – insulation material for buildings totally adapted to the problems of summer comfort specific to the south of France – but also by the dynamism and the enthusiasm of the porters ! »

Batiliege coup de coeur economie littoral 2015

Coup de cœur économie littoral Transferts LR 2015


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