Batiliege’s challenge

Batiliege’s challenge

The two executives of the company Batiliege, have the ecological fiber.

After a solid eperience in the field of renewable energies and more particulary in the use of clean products in the building sector, they decided to bring up to date a very ecological product but little used that is Cork.

Their project consists in participating in the reintroduction of cork as a building material and insulation by first proposing the sale of cork agglomerated panels, and secondly by developing a whole process of qualification and design of a new process based on insulation cork from the outside of wood frame houses.

A few words by BATILIEGE’s president

“Batiliege was born of the observation that my partner and I, through our activities as consulting engineers, realized. A fundamental step in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is the thermal efficiency in buildings, especially insulation. However, all the insulations currently on the market only partially address the various stakes related to housing, such as performance, health, comfort or the ecological footprint. Cork, a material known for millennia, responds favorably to all of these criteria. Batiliege’s objective is to provide innovative and cork-based solutions for the building industry. “

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